Why I Chose Real Estate as a Career

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Why I Chose Real Estate as a Career

Posted by on Saturday, June 9th, 2018 at 4:41pm.

Welcome to My First Blog

Erica's Note

Hi!  Thanks for visiting my first blog post!  I'm excited to begin this journey and share it with you; my readers; my followers; my fans. I look forward to sharing my thoughts, experiences, and expertise about the city where I live.  

My Background and Why I Chose to Become a REALTOR®?

Besides being a licensed REALTOR® in the state of Florida since 2012, I've been a professional journalist since 2004, when I earned my BA in Communications from The Ohio State University.  I also attended The Ohio Center for Broadcasting in 2007 earning a degree in TV and Radio Broadcasting.  It was in 2006 when I began my first internship for FOX 8 news in Cleveland.  I worked on a LIVE morning show , That's Life with Robin Swoboda, based on women's interests. I also completed an internship in the newsroom as the assignment editor.  I did a few other small internships while in Cleveland at ABC affiliate Channel 5. 

After graduation, I was offered an entry level position in West Palm Beach at CBS 12.  After living in Cleveland through the winter months, West Palm Beach sounded like a dream come true!  I arrived to my dream job in West Palm Beach.  I started out running the teleprompter, but I shortly began to get called out on stories when the newsroom was short on reporters and photographers.  I was one of the first reporters in the industry given the title as a multimedia journalist; Which simply meant that I could shoot and edit video, plus write and report stories all by myself.  I was quickly climbing the corporate ladder, only to quickly get knocked down by the Great Recession of 2008. 

I was laid off on New Years Eve 2009, (along with the majority of the newsroom).   I was unemployed for two years after that.  I did eventually get another job in Jacksonville as a "Producer in Training" which paid less than what I was making at my first job out of college.  I was constantly being switched from morning to night, and working all of the holidays (there's no holidays in TV). I didn't feel like that particular station and I were a good fit.  I didn't feel valued and didn't get offered the kinds of opportunities to grow and advance as my previous employers had offered.  It was during that time that I decided TV was not for me anymore and thought how can I get back to West Palm Beach, the city that I fell in love with and wanted to return to;  And, what will I do as a profession if I move back? 

At the time, before Million Dollar Listing, there was a show called Selling NY and Selling LA.  I was so intrigued by watching that show and seeing what the life of a real estate agent entailed, I saw myself in their shoes.  I believed that a career in real estate would be perfect for me.  Why?  First, I could go to real estate classes while still working at the TV station.  Second, it was inexpensive to get a real estate license compared to going back to a university program and adding more debt to my existing balance of student loans.  Third, it was everything opposite of working in TV.  I am my own boss, I determine my business growth, I set my own schedule, I don't work holidays, I take vacation when I want, and I get to help people's dreams come true!

Why I'm the Downtown West Palm Beach Expert

I add value and expertise to my clients who are either looking to buy, sell, or rent their properties in Palm Beach County.  What makes me an expert in downtown West Palm Beach is that I know every building inside and out.  I have executed  over 100 transactions downtown.  Every building has it's own processing and procedures required by the condo associations, and I pride myself at knowing each one.  I provide market reports, current home values, and inventory insight to all of my clients.  

Why I'm Starting a Blog

I'm starting this blog with two goals in mind. First, to drive more traffic to my website and gain more leads, which in turn grows my business and second, to establish an "insiders" source for my readers and  future and past clients on how to live, work, and play in the Palm Beaches, with emphasis on real estate news, tips, and advice!

Who Will Want to Follow?

Anyone who is interested in what life is like in Palm Beach or what The Palm Beaches has to offer its residents will want to follow my blog.  


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