Steady Income Requires Steady Effort....

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Steady Income Requires Steady Effort....

Posted by Web Master on Tuesday, March 26th, 2013 at 4:27pm.

Ouch!  Did I just say (write!) steady effort? Yes, I did.  To reap regularly, you must fertilize frequently.  Success does not come easy, it only comes easy when someone else does it....or when you look back after you have forgotten the hard work it took to get you there in the first place.

Sales takes effort....steady effort.  Not by doing the basics for one month, and then slacking off for the next three.  Then you wonder why you are in a valley instead of on a peak.  Brian Buffini says there are things you MUST do every day...he calls them "the no matter-whats."

When I sit down with our agents to strategize, to investigate why they are stagnant in their business, every time it comes back to the lack of consistent and steady efforts.  They are gung ho for three weeks....then....fizzle.  Then I hear "I mailed out three cards and got no does not work."

Did you know that statistics show that it takes 6 to 8 times before you get a response?  Most agents drop out after three.  I am no rocket scientist, but I can see the writing on the wall here>>>>> and it looks like this: "Without steady effort there will not be steady income."

Agents headed for trouble are the ones that cut back dramatically on business development, or may even stop it all together.  These are the agents that come and ask me why they aren't doing any business, and can they sit on floor for opportunities more, and can they be given leads by the company?

What are you doing to develop your business?  Are you making phone calls?  Are you doing targeted mailings?  Are you networking (not net eating) , really networking? Are you contacting past clients regularly? Are you showing the value of you?  Are you contacting expired listings? Are you contacting for sale by owners???  OOOOOOOOO, I know I hit a nerve now!  I can hear you saying, "I hate working expireds.  I hate contacting for sale by owners."  "I am NOT doing THIS part!"....but be aware of a highly probable fact:  You are most likely rejecting what you fear, not what you don't need. You will avoid precisely what will help you the most.

When I got my real estate license, the day I decided to go for it full-time, only source of income, I got up that morning and when my feet hit the floor, I said to myself, "Doreen, you are now unemployed....unless you get a listing, a contract or a rental going, you are making zip, zero, nada, nothing. So, to me, who is not a rocket scientist, I decided that instead of cold calling and trying to ask everyone and their mother if they knew of anyone wanting to buy, or sell, or rent, I decided to go after the people that have <already decided to sell...... and guess who they were???  Oh, you are so smart....right....the  expired listings and the for sale by owners!" Did I love it?  Not even close.  I hated it...I feared it....BUT I DID IT ANYWAY! 40% of my business came from this source of business development.

I did not whine to my broker, that he did not give me leads.  I did not whine that  my floor time that day was useless (by the way, guess what I did when I was on guessed it....the mailing, the calling, the appointment setting, the things it took to DEVELOP MY BUSINESS.) I did not look to others to do it for me.....I DID it.  Within 15 months I was top producer in my I KNOW IT WORKS.

I read somewhere that in order to succeed, we must grow.  To grow, we must <strong><em>endure the pain</em></strong>  of doing what we fear until by meeting and conquering the fear, we pass through to success.\r\n\r\nNever stop developing business, no matter what or how long you have been in the business.  Constantly picture yourself balancing three balls of equal weight and size.

1) Business development

2) Appointments

3) Service. 

They must be kept in balance or serious imbalance, lack of sales, lack of income ensue.

It takes discipline, determination and desire.  Stop whining that you have no business and start evaluating exactly what it is you do (or don't do) each and every day with your time.  Are you using it wisely to do the things you need to do to develop business?  Or are you waiting for someone to do it for you?  Are you blaming your company or your broker for not giving you enough leads?  Are you complaining that you sat floor time three times and did not get a lead?  Are you telling yourself that you need to go work for another real estate company because they hand you tons of leads each day.  You are doing yourself and your business a huge disservice...stop waiting for someone to hand you business, or you will never succeed.  YOU have to DO IT YOURSELF, and if a lead comes from floor time, or from the website, or from the broker, great....BUT DON'T DEPEND on's the gravy.  If you rely on just that, you will be disappointed with the results.

"The only place success comes before work is in the dictionary."---Vince Lombardi, football coach. 

Are you really working at your business?  Really steady effort?   Or are you relying on your broker, your sales manager, your company to give it to you?  Whine, whine, whine.  Complain, complain, complain. 

Are you waiting for it to happen, or are you making it happen? If you wait for it to happen, you will look back and wonder what happenedAs you can tell, this is a sore spot of mine!   It's all DO with YOU as the DOER....not the broker, or the company, or the sales manager.  YOU!

If you would like more information on how I work here at Lang Realty, and if you are an agent out there who IS A DOER and you would like to see how the strength of Lang Realty can help you to succeed even further, contact me!  We have the Lang Advantage.  We are solid, strong and reliable.  Isn't that what is important?  I am seeking THE DOERS!  Doreen Nystrom, 561-209-7878. or

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