Refuse to be a spectator! Become a participator!!!!

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Refuse to be a spectator! Become a participator!!!!

Posted by Web Master on Tuesday, March 26th, 2013 at 4:23pm.

Are you up for a new beginning????  In my last message to you I stated that you need to sniper your audience...that you need to have a message directed to them specifically.  You need a message that creates an interest in them actually contacting you, remember???

Well, today I have decided to aim....real estate agents that are with other real estate companies  other than Lang Realty. How is that for being direct??  Do I get an "A" for snipering instead of shotgunning?   Or, if you are a tough grader, how about a"'B".........??????

Today, I am going to talk to you through my keyboard. I have been 'talking' to you in the past few weeks so you can get to know me.  You can get to experience what I do here at Lang Realty through my words..or at least part of  what I do.  Yes, I am here to help resuscitate a transaction going south (ok, tell me you don't have those??!!!!) ...and to motivate, encourage, answer phones when needed, help with closing statements (I have over twenty years in the real estate title insurance industry!) answer questions,  conduct sales meetings, talk to sellers and buyers on behalf of the agent when needed, clean out the fridge (it's a team effort!) and train, train, and train some more....but my PASSION is to assist in building the agent's help them to achieve and succeed.  I strive to bring value to the agent with Lang Realty.

I am going to practice what I preach!  I asked you if you are interested in a new beginning.  Are you?  Are you willing to get out of your comfort zone and take a leap outside?  Nothing great  comes from your comfort zone.  It may be okay....but until you step outside of your comfort level and into something else, even if it is uncomfortable for a while, greatness is not usually achieved.

I urge you to refuse to be a spectator in your business and I want to assist you in becoming a participator.  Today is all about me, Doreen Nystrom,  Sales Manager at Lang Realty, Palm Beach Gardens, Florida  getting the words from my heart and head out in front of your eyes....and into your hearts.

You need a purpose to your day.  You must desire what you value.  Desire creates direction- a potential value Purpose creates value----value creates direction, and direction creates destiny.

My passion, my mission,  is to  assist agents in building their giving them encouraging them to be unique.....  I encourage agents to become a participator in their business...every day. If you have read my previous messages, you can sense where my heart is.

There is a better way to sell real estate!  There really is!  Let me help you!  Contact me to talk...just talk.  (my mom always told me that it never hurts to talk...always check into the open door. )  No pressure.  No sales-pitch.  I firmly believe that sales is not just who you know, it is all about who wants to know you!  If you see value in what I say to you, then contact me

Lang Realty really does have an advantage.  We have the strength of a large company with the uniqueness of a boutique..a wonderful family of  300 agents  in six offices that call us home.  There must be a reason!  (ok, I did say that there would be no sales pitch...sorry, I spun out of control!)

I am looking for  good people, with good hearts and never-ending integrity and a great work ethic that want to change their company....that want to work smarter.  I also need a good commercial agent!  I also have an agent here in Palm Beach Gardens that is looking for a good buyer agent..... And, if you are new to the business, Lang Realty has a wonderful mentor program here in Palm Beach Gardens  and in Boca Raton tailored just for you!

Have I achieved my goal today?  To reach you and to touch your heart?  Contact me at .Or call me at 561-209-7878,

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