Realtors, Don't Despair...There's Business Out There. How Do You Find It?

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Realtors, Don't Despair...There's Business Out There. How Do You Find It?

Posted by Web Master on Tuesday, March 26th, 2013 at 2:42pm.

Ok, then....where is it, you ask? Oh, it's out there. Well, let me ask you this....what are you doing to attract clients? Successful agents know that they must go out and attract clients. What most agents do is go out and seek them. They try to 'find' the people by handing out their business card everywhere they go. Every function or event they are invited to, they use it as a means to hound everyone in the room and then they proceed to tell them what they do, and if they know of anyone buying or selling, would they please recommend them???? Hmmmmnnn? Please????? Pretty please????? I truly believe that sales is not who you know, it is all about who wants to know you. The less high touch, the less you get paid. How much personal touch will you put into your business. Did you get those two key words??? YOUR BUSINESS. You are the CEO of your business. Are you acting like the CEO? Do you brand yourself with empty slogans? " I am the best at what I do!" "You can trust me!" Well, I would hope that the public could assume that you are the best and that they can trust you! You should not even have to advertise that! LOL Have you developed your own personal brand? Are you trying to be everything to everyone? Are you branding yourself and your business? What is your niche? Your specialty? Ok, enough of that. (for now.....) You all know that you must be doing the basics to create the opportunities..... you do know that, right??? But... Do you know where most of your business should come from? Now, I know you have heard this before....your SOI! Your sphere of influence. AND, I know you have heard this before....go back to your past clients. But, are you actually doing it? They are your 'A' list., a part of your sphere. Create a marketing plan where you touch base once per month by either phone call, mail, e mail or, Heaven forbid, in person! VERY FEW agents stay in touch with their past clients two times per year, much less every month. Statistics show that even though the old client remembers the company name, THEY DO NOT remember the agent name. Good for the company, not so good for you. What a shame. Each past client is an appreciating (asset) client. It takes 5x more money to generate new clients than to generate opportunities from past clients. 68% of the time, the past client does not come back because they simply felt they were unappreciated. What a shame! Less than 1/3 of the agents ever went back to the past clients that bought a home with them. EVER! I believe this is why most people believe that real estate agents are just in it for the money. ALWAYS, ALWAYS go back after the closing.. You must give them the impression that you appreciate them and that you are not just in it for the money. Then, keep in touch regularly. They will be thrilled that you always come back, even after you were already paid. Then, guess what they will do. Yep, they will become your walking-talking billboards. Spend two hours per day, five days per week, or even one hour per day five days per week on creating opportunities by contacting past clients. THIS is your new normal! This is a people to people business. You don't spend your way into a great business...develop a successful business by going personal!!!! I challenge you to get proactive and do this for 60 days. You will see the results.....opportunities will come. Then, you will be so excited, you will keep it going! Look for more to come....Lang Realty and Doreen, the unbeatable team! Contact us at 561-209-7900 to see what we are doing! Ask for Doreen Nystrom.....

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