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Boyton Beach Homes For Sale

Posted by Web Master on Tuesday, March 26th, 2013 at 2:51pm.

Boynton Beach was named after Nathan S. Boynton, who was a former civil war major from Port Huron, Michigan.  Nathan built the famous Boynton Beach Hotel to serve has his summer family residence.  Nathan was impressed with the natural beauty that the tropical paradise had to offer, the year round sunshine and pristine beaches are what made Nathan fall in love with the land.  Boynton Beach is full of history but that is not the only reason to buy/live in this beautiful city.  Boynton Beach Homes have many things to offer, such as wonderful living conditions, restaurants, beaches, schools, shops and attractions.  There is way more then just five reasons to live in Boynton Beach but I would be typing for days if I mentioned every thing.

Boynton Beach Homes For Sale:

  1. The living conditions- The population of the city is only 68,291 most of which make an average income of 42,540.  The average house in Boynton Beach costs a mere 185,900.  The unemployment rate is steady at 10.8 but there is hope for more job creation because of recent building activity.  Boynton Beach is also home to a very well known hospital that has high ratings.  Bethesda memorial hospital is minutes away from all of  Boynton Beach and responds quickly with quality service.
  2. Schools- The  top rated schools located in Boynton Beach are Sunset palms Elementary school which is rated at a 9 out of 10.  Christa McAuliffe Middle School rated 8 out of 10.  Citrus Cove Elementary School rated at an 8, and Crystal Lakes Elementary School that is also rated at an 8.  The schools pride themselves on the performance of their students and FCAT scores which can be evaluated on the school districts website.
  3. The restaurants- there are many different restaurants that serve many varieties of foods located in Boynton Beach.  Some of the restaurants that i have found to be always packed are the famous Boynton Beach Ale House, Brus room, and chilis.  If your looking for a more entertaining meal check out Kimura which is Japanese Steak & Seafood restaurant that will excite your senses with its unique atmosphere and delicious menu items.
  4. Beaches- Boynton Beach municipal park is Boyntons main beach. The Oceanfront park is located at 6415 North ocean Blvd.  The Park is open seven days a week and 365 days a year and is manned by professionally trained and experienced lifeguards from 9:00 a.m. to 5:15 p.m.  Clean and well maintained with separate barbecue and picnic areas, concessions and rest rooms.
  5. Shopping and Attractions- There are numerous places to shop in Boynton Beach but the newest shops are the ones located in renaissance commons. Right across the street from the Boynton beach mall, Renaissance commons has many different restaurants  shops and bars to choose from.  The Boynton Beach mall has well-known shops such as Sears, JCpenney, Macy's, and Dillard's which surround the variety of small shops through out the mall.  In renaissance commons you can enjoy a meal or shop at  Super Target and Best Buys for your every day needs.  At night renaissance commons offers a fabulous bar called Bar Louie which always has something going on.  In the mood to shot some pool?  Just check out Brick House Billiards for a great place to relax and play a game of pool while enjoying a drink from their fully stocked bar.

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