5 Questions With Scott Agran, Founder and President of Lang Realty

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5 Questions With Scott Agran, Founder and President of Lang Realty

Posted by Web Master on Wednesday, August 3rd, 2016 at 3:35pm.

An Interview with Scott Agran from Lang Realty


Lang Realty is one of the largest real estate firms in Boca and Delray. They just recently launched their new website that took nearly two years to complete.  Realizing that online searches are crucial to real estate, they created what they think is the ultimate in search-ability.  www.langrealty.com  In May, Lang generated 2,800 users off the website (it was quietly launched in April.)

1. Why go to the expense of building the most advanced real estate web site in South Florida?

Lang Realty has become a leading RE company in South Florida by focusing on traditional media exposure. As the internet and digital marketing opportunities continue to grow Lang Realty has expanded our investment in this space. Our objective is to dominate both traditional and digital advertising for Real Estate to enhance the buyer experience as well as provide greater exposure to for our sellers.


2. Why has it been such a quick success, for example bringing 2800 leads in May, one month after it was launched?

Our success with our site was immediate because we had been tinkering with the functionality as well as the design for over a year prior to launching the new site. Therefore, once we switched out the old site for the new, everything we needed was in place for the site to be successful from day one. We continue to look for ways to enhance the site’s traffic thru keywords, social media, strategic media placement, and video.


3. In your opinion, what makes this site so different?

The site is designed for buyer’s to easily search for the type of properties they are interested in but it also allows them to customize their search to their exact specifications. Buyers can also quickly search by City or communities. Once a buyer is on the site it is one of the most comprehensive resources for Real Estate information comprising over 20,000 pages of information in one organized website. While the site is designed for buyers to find their dream home it is also a wonderful source for sellers to research competing homes as well as find valuable real estate information geared to selling a home.


4. Would you say that today’s real estate buyer and seller feels more comfortable with researching online?

I would say well over 90 percent of all buyers and sellers research the home buying and selling process on line at some time during the transaction. People have become very comfortable learning on the internet. Real Estate is a perfect category for both buyers and sellers to educate, research and explore opportunities for themselves. The days where the Realtors were the gate keepers of information is long over. Now the consumer is empowered with similar information as their agents. An educated consumer with an experienced agent can have a much more successful real estate transaction.


5. What do you want people to know about this site?

For over 25 years Lang Realty has established ourselves as the gold standard for reputation and professional service of our agents.  Just as there are countless agents in our area there is unlimited number of Real Estate websites. Our website has been enhanced to set us apart from the thousands of competing sites. Over the years we have been thru dozens of redesigns of our website and made substantial investments in our digital strategy. We are constantly reviewing best practices from around the world and modifying our site to reflect the best in class for every features and design. Our smaller competitors do not possess the resources and our larger competitors cannot focus on all the micro markets in their area. As a dominant regional Real Estate power in Palm Beach with our 400 agents we are able to strategically focus on the specific markets our agents are the strongest with the necessary capital to be successful.

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