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Chip Righter, REALTOR®

Chip Righter is a businessman, a former professional hockey player, stuntman and a gregarious figure who is well knows among celebrities, professional athletes, and philanthropists around the nation.

 Chip is a skilled sales and marketing executive who has over the years won the trust and praise of money manager guru, Suze Orman.

Chip has lived in Delray Beach for 10 years. He has been in sales for over 30 years and assisted homeowners, both sellers and buyers, with their real estate needs through various construction businesses, including designing custom pools, hardscape landscaping, concrete paver driveways, pool decks and patios and a variety of other home improvement areas.

Chip’s background provides his customers, both buyers and sellers with a wealth of knowledge to assist in making the right decision on any real estate purchase. He has always been a people person who enjoys meeting everyone and helping those he meets in any way he can.

What makes Chip happy is making others happy. “Assisting both buyers and sellers with their real estate sale or purchase has always been a great joy in my life.” “Living in Delray Beach has given me the opportunity to assist so many clients with any issue that they might encounter from locating the right pro for a job around new purchase or any repair required in a sale, moving in or out, nothing that helps the people I met is too small to ask.”

Chip is well educated on the various opportunities and communities throughout Southern Florida and is anxious to work with you on any real estate needs you might have. He goes above and beyond for each one of his clients in a professional and honest manner. He is truly someone you can trust to help you make the right decision for you and your family.

When not working Chip enjoys the theater, great seafood dining and spending time with his best friend Buddy, a terrier mix Chip found. “I honestly do not know who rescued who.”

Office Location: 8855 Boynton Beach Blvd. Suite 340, Boynton Beach

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